Scientific projects of foreign Institutions / Universities

by paraskevinomikou

1.    International Lithosphere Programme, Task II “New tectonic causes of volcano failure and possible premonitory signals” Sc.Resp.: Prof. Alessandro Tibaldi (Dept. Geological Science and Geotechnologies, University of Milan-Bicocca).
2.    IGCP project: “Exploring relationships between hydrothermal ore genesis, volcanism and tectonics at unstable volcanoes” proposed by As.Prof. Alexandru Szakács, As.Prof. Ferenc Molnár, Prof. Alessandro Tibaldi, Dr. Edgardo Canon-Tapia, Dr. Daniel R. Tormey, Prof. Prof. Koichiro Watanabe (proposed 2009-2012).
3.    IGCP 521: Caspian-Black Sea-Mediterranean Corridor during the last 30kyr: Sea level change and human adaptive strategies.
4.    INQUA 501: Black Sea-Mediterranean Corridor during the last 30kyr: Sea level change and human adaptation. Prof. Dr. Valentina Yanko-Hombach, Ukraine, Canada & Prof. Yucel Yilmaz, Turkey.
5.    “New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration 2010”. The Institute for Exploration (IFE), Ocean Exploration Trust (OET) and University of Rhode Island (URI) Center for Ocean Exploration and Archaeological Oceanography (COEAO) in collaboration with University of Athens, HCMR and IGME. Prof. Steve Carey (URI), Prof.  Robert Ballard (IFE), Katherine Croff Bell (COEAO).
6.    “New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration 2011”. The Institute for Exploration (IFE), Ocean Exploration Trust (OET) and University of Rhode Island (URI) Center for Ocean Exploration and Archaeological Oceanography (COEAO) in collaboration with University of Athens and HCMR.
7.    Research Project: «Capturing a new episode of unrest at Santorini volcano, Greece». (2011).The organisation that is funding the Research project is NERC (Natural Environment Research Council). Cooperative Universities: Department of Earth Sciences-University of Oxford, U.K. (Prof. David Pyle, Prof. Barry Parsons), Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment-University of Athens, NTUA, Department of Civil Engineering-University of Patras, Institute of Geodynamics-National Observatory of Athens.
8.    ARSF Research Project, 2012: Capturing ongoing deformation and degassing at Santorini volcano, Greece. Principal Investigator: Prof. David Pyle, Dept.of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford. Collaborators: Dept.of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, Dept. of Geology and Geoenvironment, University of Athens.
9.    Eurofleet Proposal: “CALDERA 2012”: Χρήση αυτόνομου υποβρύχιου οχήματος (AUV) – «Girona 500» στην εξερεύνηση του υδροθερμικού πεδίου της Καλδέρας της Σαντορίνης. Επ.Υπεύθυνοι: Dr. Javier Escartin (CNRS/IPGP) και Dr. Pere Ridao (UdG). Συμμετέχουν: CNRS/IPGP, University of Girona, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Université Paris Didérot, University of Athens, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
10.    IPGP BQR Proposal-2012: Current inflation of the Santorini Caldera: Monitoring of seafloor deformation and hydrothermal activity. PI: Javier Escartin. Collaborators: HCMR, University of Athens, University of Girona, University of Lyon.
11.    2013-2014 European Union Intensive Program Erasmus: “Integrating field classical and new methodologies for geological hazard assessment and communication”. PI: Prof. Alessandro Tibaldi, University of Milan-Bicocca.
12.    Exploration of the Caribbean Region, Nautilus Programme 2013. PI: Prof. Steven Carey, OET & Graduate School of Oceanography.
13.    ODEMAR (Oceanic Detachments at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge): Structure, origin, evolution and links with oceanic lithospheric accretion, 2013. PI: Dr. Javier Escartin.
14.    Azoren Plateau (Cruise M113) 2014-2015. PI: Prof. Christian Hubscher.
15.    Santorini: Ancient Eruption and the Myth of Atlantis. PI: P.Nomikou
16.    HADES: Hazards in the Aegean: in-Depth Experiment to Study Tectonic Structure and Seismicity Activity, 2015. PI: Dr. Cesar Renaro.
17.    2013-2017: Impact of Fluid circulation in old oceanic Lithosphere on the seismicity of transfOrm-type plate boundaries: neW solutions for early seismic monitoring of major European Seismogenic zones (FLOWS). Cost Action
18.    NSF project: PROTEUS: Crustal magma plumbing of the Santorini volcanic System 2015-2017. PI: Prof. Emillie Hooft/ ΕΚΠΑ: Επικ. Καθ. Νομικού Π.
19.    DFG project: The role of mixing processes in andesite genesis -deep sediment recycling versus shallow crustal contamination. 2015-2017, PI: Karsten Haase.
20.    FP7-ENV-2013-603839 “ASTARTE”: Assessment, STrategy and Risk Reduction for Tsunamis in Europe. Φορέας υλοποίησης: Πολυτεχνείο Κρήτης, Επ. Υπεύθυνο: Καθηγητή Κ. Συνολάκη.
21.    Geochemistry and texture of dacite lavas from Kameni volcano, Greece (2017). PI: Prof. Michael Higgins.
22.    Horizon 2020 Framework Programme H2020-EINFRA-2016-2017 (H2020-EINFRA-2016-1) entitled 730917 User Driven e-Infrastructure for Environmental Geohazards (U-DIVE). The project was shortlisted but not funded due to lack of funds.
23.    2017 ZDF documentary, “Die Wellenbrecher”, PI: P.Nomikou
24.    POS 510: Rifting and Hydrothermal Activity in the Cyclades Back-arc: Anydros Basin and Kolumbo Seamount, Southern Aegean Sea (March 2017). PI: Prof. Mark Hannington
25.    POS 511: Spatial and temporal evolution of the Christianna-Santorini-Kolumbo volcanic field (Greece) (April 2017). PI: Dr. Jörg Geldmacher.
26.    POS 512: Volcanic evolution of the submarine volcano Paphsanias, Aegean Island Arc (April-May 2017). PI: Prof. Karsten Haase.
27.    POS 513: Time series and lateral facies changes of Pleistocene to Holocene tephras from highly explosive eruptions at the Hellenic volcanic arc, Aegean Sea (May 2017). PI: Dr. Armin Freundt.
28.    SOI R/V Falkor proposal-Expression of Interest 2018: Cooperative Exploration With Under-actuated Autonomous Vehicles in Hazardous Environments, PI: Camilli R. (WHOI).
29.    NASA project 2017-2019: Autonomous exploration and characterization of biological assemblages and correlated geochemical features within hazardous marine volcanic systems, PI: Camilli R. (WHOI).
30.    Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Higher Education Strategic Partnership project: Bringing the 3-D world into the classroom: a new approach to teaching, learning and communicating the science of geohazards in the terrestrial and marine environment (2017-2020). PI: Malcolm Whitworth, WP2: Responsible person: Ass.Prof. Nomikou P.
31.    Identification of hydrothermal submersion by remote sensing data COSMO-SkyMed StripMap HIMAGE (2017-2019). PI: Dr. Maria Filomena Loreto.
32.    Magellan Plus Workshop Series Programme: Preliminary plan of workshop Volcanic, tectonic and hydrothermal processes in an island-arc caldera environment. Development of an IODP Drilling Proposal at Santorini-Kolumbo Marine Volcanic System (21-23 November 2017, Athens, Greece) PI: Prof. T. Druitt.
33.    TOSCA: Tectonic Ocean Spreading at the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone” (2018) PI: Ass. Prof. A.Georgiopoulou.
34.    MARSDEN AWARDS 2017-2019: Volcanoes can make waves too: a new understanding of tsunamis generated by volcanic eruptions. PI: E. Lane (NIWA).
35.    DOLOMITE (Dolomit-Entstehung- Vorbereitung ener IODP-Bohrung) (2018). PI: Prof. Christian Hubscher. Cruise M144-2.
36.    New approaches to Autonomous exploration at the Costa Rican Shelf break (2018): PI: Dr. Rich Camilli (WHOI).
37.    IGCP 2019: Geoheritage for Geohazards and sustainable development through capacity building for local communities in developing countries. PI: Benjamin van Wyk de Vries.
38.    Dynamic of submarine hydrothermal system around the island of Milos (Hellenic Volcanic Arc) (2019) PI. Dr. E. Martelat (U. of Lyon).

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